Sunday, May 30, 2010

Potty Chair - EDM #30 - Draw a Chair


This is not your grandmother's potty chair. It has sensors in the bowl that detect wetness and play a tune. Alas, nothing but silence today. It also has a flush handle, toilet paper holder and a clear blue plastic lid. Potty chairs have come a long way since my day.

I'm guessing this is the only potty chair in all the chairs that have ever been drawn for this EDM challenge.

Potting training attempts with the triplets go something like this:

(6 hours since last wet diaper; plus cup of juice, cup of milk and a nap.)

Do you need to tee-tee?

(30 minutes later)

Do you need to tee-tee?

(30 minutes later)

Let's go try to tee-tee. Listen....listen....listen for the tee-tee.

(10 minutes of sitting on the potty chair)

Did you tee-tee? Do you need to tee-tee?

OK then, let's pull up your big girl panties.

(3 minutes later = 3 wet Pull-ups)

Apparently somebody doesn't grasp the concept, but I'm not sure if it's the babies or the adults. Hummmm.....

1 comment:

Krista Meister said...

Oh my, you had me laughing at this one! First of all, LOVE the illustration and yes, I believe you can probably claim the one and only potty chair in EDM. Your experience with potty training parallels my own experience with my son - why bother with a toilet when a pull-up is so convenient?! Duh. Makes perfect sense to a 3 year old.