Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy as a Clam


After three days out of the house drawing multiple detailed sketches, I was ready to stay home and draw something quick and easy. Carol C. (cacollieotr) inadvertently became my muse.

Under my Relay for Life sketch I wrote, "I and my little introverted self retreated to the solitude of the high bleachers with Implements of Sketchification while my extroverted playmates worked the crowd on the field."

Carol commented, "I can see you in my mind, huddled up in the bleachers, happy as a clam!"

Yes, yes, yes! I could see it too, the clam part I mean. Had to draw.

Clam is such a fitting description of little ol' introverted me hiding behind a sketchbook. Thank you Carol for the inspiration!

Decided to add the iconic Speck pigtails and red striped shirt.