Sunday, May 2, 2010

EDM #2 - Draw a Lamp


This is the lamp beside my end of the couch that is my TV watching nest. It is "wrought iron" with a "leather hide" shade.

The shade came in a box only one-inch thick. The structure of it was a top and bottom ring and folding metal ribs. The ribs are hinged on the bottom ring and snap into brackets on the top ring. When all snapped in place the shade is pulled taut. I thought it was a really cool design.

The itty bitty table the lamp is on is too itty bitty for all my nesting clutter: phone, tissues, coaster, glasses, magazines, sketchbook, various pens and pencils, palette, and remote control (when I can get it away from Hubby.) Now it has crocheting tchochke on there too.

I need a larger table.

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raena said...

Had to laugh at this! My "art" desk is huge...about ten feet long. But, where do I sit? On the couch, with a tiny little table next to me to hold all the supplies I tote around the house with me!! It's a great painting of it, and I really get the sense of the crowding I feel when sitting on our couch!