Friday, May 21, 2010

Kitchen Radio - EDM #21 - Draw Something Vintage


These "Draw Something Old" challenges are killing me since I've gotten rid of almost all my old stuff. Had to draw this one from memory.

This radio sat on the kitchen counter for eons getting all fly-specked and thick with grunge. I attempted to scrub it once when I was a teenager but it didn't look any better.

I'm guessing Mom and Dad bought it early on in their marriage, probably with S&H Green Stamps.

The only time I remember it being on was early in the morning on school days when the weather was bad.

Mom and I would listen for the announcement that school was cancelled, but first we had to endure the Farm Report and Swap-N-Shop. People would call in telling what they had for sale, wanted to give away (lots of puppies and kittens), or what they were hoping to buy. It was the 1960's version of Craigslist.

All the little pointy arrow notes:

-Bakelite case
-Institutional mint green walls (HA-TED them)
-Masking tape repair (to the cord)
-Brown cloth cord
-No tuning dial window
-Only picked up the local A.M. station that went off the air at dusk

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