Thursday, May 13, 2010

Courtyard Fountain


A wonderful afternoon of sketching and visiting in a quiet courtyard downtown. The weather was perfect, the company excellent, and the drawings divine!

Met Miz D. for the first time today. It was like we had known each other all our lives and just had to catch up on the last 30 years. She draws and paints beautifully but it's hard to convince her of that.

She is passionate about illustrated journaling and is trying to spread the gospel. Well, now there are two of us. "For where two or more are gathered together..."

Squee! We might be on to something big! Woot!


the art of curiosity said...

I love your blog!! And may I say 'three cheers' for illustrated journalling & my hero, Danny Gregory too :-)

I'm trying to keep such a journal myself, but I'm having massive problems with the lettering & of all things, the layout! I wish I had a speck of your talent, Speck! Many congratulations!


Anonymous said...

I'm responding as an intruder on this blog....but couldn't help wanting to tell you to stop worrying about creating something for someone else. You are doing this journal for's a place to develop your lettering and layout, for YOU! It isn't an assignment to be graded...but a source for you to turn yourself loose to create, and to mess up! Above all it is for FUN! Relax! Speck's friend, Miz Dee
P.S. Speck, I promise not to do this anymore!