Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nana's Attic - Day 1


Nana finally got the new roof she's been wanting for so long. Gone is the buggy cedar shake, replaced with new decking and architectural shingles.

Lots of buggy cedar bits fell into the attic so cleaning and vacuuming was first up on the work order today. We also replaced several flooring panels that were rickety or missing.

Progress was slow today due to the unexpected repairs to the floor, but we should be able to finish up tomorrow. The left side doesn't seem to be as nasty as the right side.

I dread lugging the dozen or so big Christmas tubs back in here. Makes my back hurt just looking at them.

Nana culled about 8 big tubs to be donated or to go to the storage unit. That will make it much easier to find what she needs in here without having to move a bunch of stuff first. Yay!

Pointy arrow notes:

<--This side (left side) still icky. Start here tomorrow.

<--Ancient suitcase containing Daddy's scrapbooks

<--More cooking stuff

(middle back) X-mas stuff goes along the back; now in upstairs bedroom.

(middle) Cooking stuff to go on new shelves plus lots more in bedroom.

-->(right side) Cleaned and organized

--> 45 years (or more) of memories all neatly boxed & labelled.

--> two bags of trash

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