Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lunch Bucket - EDM #20 - Draw Something "Dad"


I love this old school photo of Daddy, circa 1934. He's so cute with his big, innocent eyes and faded overalls. I'm guessing he probably doesn't have on shoes.

I have Daddy's eyes, a babypoop brownish-green color.

Daddy always signed cards and emails like this--> DaD; big D, little A, big D.

Daddy's Lunch Bucket, 1950-1982

Daddy carried this lunchbox with him every day for 30+ years. The finish on the top and around the latches was worn shiny from use.

The black plastic handle broke so he milled a new one from a strip of aluminum.

His ID badge was riveted to the end. It was lime green with his ID# engraved in red numbers.

The lunch bucket lived on the dryer by the back door for my entire lifetime.

Daddy always called this his lunch bucket, not lunchbox. That's probably a throwback to his childhood when he took his lunch to school in an actual bucket.

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