Friday, May 28, 2010

Lime Green Bug & World's Ugliest Lamp

Off for a week-long visit to Nana and Poppy's house to help Nana with her home improvement projects. Arrived Friday and we were soon off on Friday night "missions."

I'm breaking this day up into several posts because we did a lot of livin' between 5:00 and 10:00.

First stop was a meeting at the community center. Neat old building with lot of interesting things to draw. I didn't make it inside because this lime green bug caught my eye. Had to draw.


Cutest little car you ever did see. What attracted my attention was the huge sunflower attached to the steering wheel.

Also liked the way the shadow of the building fell along the curves on one side and the sunlight fell along the curves on the other side. The front bumper actually had a boo-boo and part of it was being held together with a bungie cord. I opted not to draw that part.

Went inside to escape the bugs. All new furniture since the last time I was here. All the furnishings in the lobby are donated and are ever-changing. This time a pair of the world's ugliest lamps caught my eye.


This was donated to the community center, one of a matching pair. I would have been 'shamed to donate them because then somebody would know I had paid good money for them. Ack!

I would have tossed them in the dumpster instead of donating them to hide my unfortunate lapse in judgement in home furnishings.

After that we went cruising around and found the Duggar's temporary digs while little Josie is in the hospital. No signs of life there, just a limo in the driveway.

Poppy loaned me his cell phone to take a photo for Uncle Buck, the Dugger's biggest fan in Chicago. Haven't gotten it yet but it should be coming.

Pssst! Nana! Send me that, will ya?

Off to oogle art supplies.

UPDATE: 6-10-2010

Here's the pic of the Duggar digs; thanks Nana!:

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