Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EDM #11 - Draw Your Glasses


#1 - The Distance Pair

- stylish, sleek, slitty
- bifocals
- expensive

Can't see for sh*t wearing them. Discovered they give me headaches.

#2 - The Reading Pair

- clunky
- single vision
- cheap; $40 total

Love these and wear them 98% of the day. I can see the TV across the room better with these. That ain't right!

I kept telling myself that I just needed a little more time to get adjusted to the new bifocals, but I'm pretty sure something is just wrong with them.

I sit about twelve feet from a big screen TV and the scrolling channel guide lettering is fuzzy. I don't think I should be squinting to see that. Plus, if I wear them more than an hour I get a headache.

I should have painted them yellow because they are lemons.


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