Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nancy Drew Mystery Game - EDM #6

The Nancy Drew Mystery Game - c. 1957

This was back in the day when Nancy read her telegram sitting on the divan in her new frock with her beau who drove a roadster.

If you're old enough to find humor in that statement, take your Geritol, hitch up your Depends and roll the dice. It's your turn.

Everyday Matters Challenge #6 is actually "Draw your favorite well-loved object...or a childhood toy." Well, that stumped me for most of the day. I've already drawn all my favorite well-loved objects and gotten rid of them. I have little patience for "stuff" these days.

However, digging around in the closet I found this old Nancy Drew game I loved as a kid. It was a sense of adventure without leaving my bedroom. I got lost in the little scenes on the board - the Haunted Bridge, the Moss Covered Mansion, and the Tolling Bell bell tower. It was dark and creepy and loads of fun.

I loved the little heavy metal sedan playing pieces. They came in the strangest colors - coral, magenta, and turquoise. Kinda weird and kinda neat.

I noticed in all the graphics on the game Nancy appears to be about 55 years old. That's odd considering she still lived with her parents at the time. Hummm....

The modern day Nancy probably has a condo, cell phone, and high speed Internet and dumped that loser Ned a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

Am in the midst of exploring your blog. I'm delighted to find a local sketchbook/journal friend. You are much more advanced than I, but I dare say you get no more pleasure from it than I do! It has been a real blessing. Seeing the work of others and the journal entries makes me more aware of our common life experiences. Happy to meet you, new friend. Dee

raena said...

I feel like I need to borrow one of your squeal noises...I used to have this game!! And the entire set of books!