Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EDM #5 - Draw Your Bed


Here's our bed in its usual state of unmade glory. OK, housekeeping is not my strong suit.

It has a pillowtop mattress, poofy down mattress pad, six pillows of various poofiness, a sprinkling of cat hair and an old worn quilt, all smelling faintly of Downy fabric softener. It's our snuggle nest.

I'll don't mind sharing things with Hubby (sodas, hairbrush, toothbrush) but I WILL NOT share my pillow. His pillowcases are tan and mine are sage green so we can tell the pillows apart. My pillow must smell like me, and *only* like me!

(pointy arrow note)
Hubby's slippers and his industrial-sized vat of Heel Rescue Superior Moisturizing Foot Cream. The man is fanatical about having soft feetsies.

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raena said...

This is wonderful! Great job! I love the colors!