Friday, May 28, 2010

Eating Indian for the First Time


Nana, Poppy and I went out for Indian food tonight. It was a first-time experience for all three of us. I am so turned off by the smell of curry I was prepared to just pick at my dinner and eat a ham sandwich when I got home.

It was all wonderful and I scarfed down everything placed in front of me.

PAPAD - A lacy, fried tortilla chip thingy made with lentils and black pepper. The dipping salsa was bright green with a cilantro flavor. There was another one that looked like soy sauce made with tamarind.

TEA - Made with cinnamon, ginger and two other spices I didn't catch. Wonderful change from ordinary iced tea. Could have drunk a gallon of this stuff.

GARLIC NAN - A soft bread that looks like a pizza crust. The owner told us it was made by sticking the dough to the side of the oven. The hot air across it made it puffy.

BASMATI RICE - Long grain, fluffy and delicate. I've never seen this type of rice before.

PALAK (SAAG) CHICKEN - Chicken chunks with spinach and other spices. It was an evil dark green and looked for all the world like dog poo. Poppy tasted it and declared it to be "complex" with flavors. I could taste cilantro and about five other flavors I couldn't identify.

The waiter explained that all the entrees on the menu listed as "curried" didn't necessarily contain curry. Curry in Indian is the equivalent of "gravy" in American and just means the dish has a stew-like consistency.

The waiter asked if I wanted my dish mild, medium or hot. I just shrugged and told him to pick. He picked medium. I took the first bite and it was so spicy hot it took my breath away. My eyes watered and nose ran. It was good but I don't think I'll ever order "hot" Indian food. Whoa!

The name of the restaurant was Amruth which is a Sanskrit word meaning, "Nectar of Immortality with Magnificent Flavor."

Aptly named.

Home to watch the 10:00 news and hit the sack. Tomorrow I start on my work order for the attic.

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Anonymous said...

very happy to have you back. It was an interesting break for you, obviously. dee