Saturday, May 8, 2010

The St. Christopher Saga - EDM #8

EDM #8 - Draw your watch or other piece of jewelry


In idle conversation with my mother-in-law (she seems to make an appearance in my journal quite often, doesn't she?) I mentioned I was looking for a St. Christopher necklace but couldn't find one I liked. They were all small with delicate, dainty chains. I would destroy a dainty chain in a matter of days because I'm hard on my jewelry.

The next time I was at the farm, Mammaw Speck said she had a surprise for me.

Squee! A beautiful, chunky St. Christopher!

That night I took off my new St. Christopher when I took my bath and left it by the sink in the bathroom. That was the end of my new St. Christopher.

Mammaw Speck noticed I wasn't wearing it the next time she saw me. She was worried I didn't like it.

"Oh no," I said, "I liked it just fine. It's hanging around your son's neck. He stole it from me the day you gave it to me and he won't give it back."

...and she smiled a little smile I didn't understand at the time.

A few weeks later she said she had another surprise for me. Squee! Another St. Christopher! This one was larger and more intricate.

She told me she had liked this one better but her buddy had talked her out of it, saying it was too large for a girl.

She was most happy to have a reason to go back and get it.

I put it on right then and haven't taken it off since*. Hubby's not getting his hands on this one.

*Except to draw it tonight. Hubby is safely in bed.

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