Monday, May 17, 2010

EDM #17 - Draw a Musical Instrument


This guitar showed up the the corner of the living room about three weeks ago and hasn't moved since then. I'm kind of afraid to ask why. Sometimes it's better not to know what Hubby is up to.


I've been doing very well with the Every Day in May challenge. I've drawn something every day this month! (happy dance) Only 14 more days to go.

However, I've fallen behind on the Every Day Matters challenges I was supposed to be drawing for the Every Day in May challenge. OK, that all sounds very confusing.

Anyway, I was busy drawing and painting other stuff on the 13th through the 16th and didn't draw the EDM challenges for those days. I decided to skip them for now and keep up with the group. It's more fun when everyone is drawing on the same challenge on the same day.

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