Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I seem to like this journal page format of little snippets of life with little sketches. However, the little sketches are rather hard to see. Thought I would try a slightly different format for blog presentation today.

This has not been a good day!

Picked up tax returns from the CPA. Refunds on both Federal and State! Yay! (This was the only good thing about this day.)

Norton Antivirus:
Picked up Norton Antivirus for 3 PCs. It was cheaper to buy new than to renew on-line. Installed it on both our computers. It hacks me that this is a requirement for being on-line. Do Mac users have to do this??? Boo.

Yafa Fountain Pen: (Made in Italy)
On a whim I bought a cool looking fountain pen that came with six colored ink cartridges. I wanted a pen that would glide across slick journal pages. This one looks nice, but it writes for a while then quits completely for a while. I even changed cartridges to make sure that wasn't the problem. Guess I got what I paid for. Boo.

Credit Card - Lost & Found:
Left the office supply store and headed to the drugstore. Got to the check-out and realized I didn't have my credit card. That was such a sick and helpless feeling.

I couldn't believe it! I never let my credit card out of my hand. It comes out of its designated slot in my purse, gets swiped in the card reader then goes right back in that slot before I sign. Arggh! Where could it be???

Broke the speed limit and most traffic laws getting back to the office supply store. When I walked in the clerk grinned and handed it to me. She said, "There's a message on your home answering machine from me." She had looked up my telephone number and called to let me know she had it. There are certain benefits to living in a small town.

Snake: (About 7" long)
Another late night gift from Cheezburger the Porch Cat. He is cleaning out the snake population from the front yard. This is a prime example of why I don't step out on the front porch barefoot in the dark.

He was very much alive, writhing around trying to fend off his 200 times larger attacker. Felt kinda sorry for him but not sorry enough to rescue him. Callously took pictures as he fought for his life.

Found him later, belly up in Cheezy's food bowl. Cheezy had saved him there as a snack.


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john.p said...

I love the snake . . . but then, I love snakes. Looks like he's been cleaned up for viewing purposes. My parent's cat did the same process. Is it showmanship? Is it sharing? Dunno, but I think it's cute.