Friday, March 19, 2010



Hubby caught a stomach bug at work Tuesday. Barfed up his dinner Tuesday night and stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday night he was feeling better and went back to work Friday.

Decided he wanted a chicken fried steak from our favorite restaurant for supper tonight. Not a good idea to dump all that grease on a tender stomach, but he would not be dissuaded. It all came up a few hours later like I figured it would.

He laid in bed moaning, groaning and yelling like he was birthing a baby.

He is a big baby.

Sometimes he should listen to Momma.

Nothing but clear liquids for him for the weekend.

When he barfed Tuesday night there wasn't a liner in the trash can and it was half full of office trash. I horked and gagged my way to the backyard with it to clean it out with the garden hose. The neighbors were probably wondering what was going on out there at midnight thirty.

This time there was a liner and no trash. Progress!

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john.p said...

At least you got a compliant sketch subject out of the deal. Thanks for not sketching his upchuck. Most sketchers wouldn't think of it, but you're not 'most sketchers'.