Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trunk Mold


My granny ride is now 15 years old and all the rubber seals are giving up the ghost. My trunk has been leaking for a while but just recently it has started to flood. Asked Hubby to try to fix it.

He pulled everything out including all the carpeting and lining. There was almost three gallons of water back there. It was smelling intensely moldy. YUCK!

He pulled off the entire rear light assembly and the side blinkers. The gaskets have been discontinued so they couldn't be replaced. Had to put everything back with generous amounts of goopy silicone.

I hope it works. I want to keep the granny ride for a while yet. She gets 30 miles per gallon and rides like a dream.

Taking inventory of what lives in my trunk I think my Daddy raised me right. I have adequate stuff in there to get me back on the road in case of breakdown and the knowledge to use it.

My oldest sister has all that in her trunk too, plus enough tools to construct a small three-bedroom house.

Prissy sister's trunk is empty and pristine. She carries a AAA card and cell phone. Pris doesn't do grease.

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john.p said...

Great sketch/story! There's just no straight line on a car, is there? I like sketching them for that reason. They make no sense as you sketch, but when you're done, there's a car.