Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning


Was seized with a fit of spring cleaning today. My stuff was stuck hither and yon (albeit neatly) all around my workspace. To find a particular sketchbook I had to look in five or six places. Argggh!

I cleaned out this little triangular shelf that was decorated with nautical stuff. I needed the utility space more than cutesy nicey-nice.

Collected all my arty creative books, sketchbooks, journals and art toys and fit them in the shelf. It's a little short for the tall books to stand up and the triangular space was a pain, but it all fit...for now.

I may have to put the completed journals on the top shelf next to the ceiling. Hate to do that because I would need a step stool to get to them and I refer back to them quite a bit.

I also culled and disposed of three banker's boxes of old projects I haven't worked on in over three years. Had to have a little Come-to-Jesus meeting about what projects would get my time and attention. Those lost.

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john.p said...

Feels good, doesn't it?