Monday, March 29, 2010

Paint Organization


Finally got around to doing something with the new tubes of paint purchased almost three weeks ago. They wouldn't fit in the little boxes with the other tubes so I had to find a new system. All my other art supplies are organized in clear plastic pencil boxes but the little paint tubes would get lost in a jumble if they were just tossed in. Needed some dividers.

Figured out some nifty little storage trays made of accordion-folded cereal boxes. (Held together with blue painter's tape. Yes, I'm cheap.)

Each section is 3/4" wide and 1/2" deep. It holds the little 5 ml Winsor & Newton tubes perfectly. Each tray holds five tubes and six trays will fit in the pencil box for a total of 30 small tubes. Hopefully I won't ever have more than that. The big tubes live in a different pencil box.

The new paints were Winsor & Newton to replace the same colors of "cheap" paints.

The W&N Sap Green and New Gamboge are brighter and richer than the old ones, but the W&N Cerulean Blue is a huge disappointment. It is a very dull step-sister of the Raphael paint. The Raphael Cerulean Blue in the palette is very dark, almost indistinguishable from the Ultramarine, Payne's Gray or Indigo. The W&N is very light and different. Maybe I should look for Cerulean Blue in a different brand.

Also got some French Ultramarine and Quin Gold. These too were a huge disappointment. The French Ultramarine looks no different than Ultramarine Green Shade (the stock dark blue). What's the point???

The Quin Gold I had was just a small squirt of Daniel Smith brand I got from a friend's tube. Fell in love with it. I wanted to stay with the same brand for all my paints so I got W&N's Quin Gold. It's not thrilling me the same as the Daniel Smith does.

To this point I've loved all my Winsor & Newton paint. I was not a Happy Camper to have three duds of five in this order. Dang!

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