Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Godfather


Spent the day piled up on the couch watching a marathon of all The Godfather movies. I've seen them all before and can never keep all the characters straight.

They are a trusted member of the family in one scene, then in the next scene they're getting offed because of some conspiracy that hadn't been mentioned before. It's very confusing and makes my brain hurt to try to figure it out.

I like the flashbacks to the early 1900s the most. Love the old cars and costumes.

When I look at this drawing it makes me laugh. It looks like Paul Newman with steroid puff and Freddie Mercury lips. It is, in a word, quirky. It's so quirky it really doesn't bear any resemblance to Marlon Brando but I like it.

Lately I have a burning desire to draw old men's faces. Unfortunately I don't have a burning desire to slow down and take the time to do them right. I just pick up the ink pen and go to town, thus the quirky-ness. Actually that's just another way to say sucky-ness. But I have a blast doing them.

I might have granddaddy issues.

Process notes: Tried narrowing the palette on this to just three colors: Raw Sienna, Scarlet Lake, and Indigo. I use way too many colors most days. Using just three colors didn't torque me out too badly. Hummm....will try that again.

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