Friday, March 12, 2010

Seek Ye Not the Unholy

7" x 10"

I was mad. Took it out on the paintpan. Liked the result.

Painted a "happy little trees" type painting using the same color palette. Hubby said he liked the happy trees better. Cain't git no respect.

Never know what yer gonna get when ya come here, do ya?


freebird said...

Nope! That's why I've decided to come and see occasionally. I rather like this. I especially like the freedom of it. I need to learn to do that.

Speck said...

@freebird - I was using up some student grade paints I was replacing with artist's quality paints: Gamboge, Perm. Orange, and Payne's Grey. Used the paint wet from the tubes and worked wet-in-wet on the paper with a 1" brush. I just let the emotions (anger at the time) flow through the brush without much thought as to what was going on the page. The mixing paint made for some very interesting colors.

I'm not a fan of abstract painting, but I was surprised at how much I liked this when it was finished. Whoa! What a concept!

Buck said...

It looks sort of like something by Edvard Munch. Which I love.

More please. . . .