Thursday, April 1, 2010

You Can Draw! - Class #4

This is supposed to be a Teddy Bear but it looks a little like a Teddy Pig to me. Oh well, this is Arkansas so a pig is fittin'. I think I got his feetsies too small. He's got a big ol' head compared to his feet. Hummm....

I used the chiaroscuro method of drawing the shapes of the lights and shadows on this. Wow! That made it sooooo much easier than drawing an outline and the result was much better too. Woot!

The second drawing of the night was our hand. I only got the basic shape down before everyone else finished and starting packing up to leave. That's probably a good thing because it was starting to resemble Frankenstein's hand. Eeek!

The class started with 10-11 people. Tonight there were only four. Next week is the final class. Wonder how many will show?

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