Monday, March 15, 2010

Pencil Sketchbook


Spent the weekend daydreaming about a sketchbook just for pencil. Looked locally but no hardbound sketchbooks at all. Don't want a wirebound. Looked on-line but that was just confusing. I need to *touch* the paper, not read about it. I have writing journal with nice slick paper but it has lines and I don't want to contend with the lines. I even considered taking a stack of printer paper and having it bound but I don't like comb bindings.

Decided I would just make me one. It didn't need to have a bunch of pages because I figure I'm not going to do a lot of pencil drawings. I'm sure this is just a phase I'm going through because of drawing class. When it ends so will my fascination for All Things Pencil.

I really wanted an 8.5" x 11" or a 9" x 12", but I don't have the paper for that. I'd have to settle for 5.5" x 8.5". Dug out some dingy green paper I've not found a use for that came in a pack of scrapbooking paper. Used eleven sheets plus a piece of white cardstock for the cover. Mashed all that together in a single signature and sewed it together with minty dental floss. Covered it with the eggplant paper and added the kicky blocks as endpapers. Viola! A sketchbook.

It will be kinda odd to have faces on green paper but such is life. If I post any of the drawings on the Internet I'll scan them as grayscale and the background will be some shade of gray. I have enough of the green paper to make five more sketchbooks. I could call them The Green Paper Chronicles. That would be cool.

Afterthought: Realized after searching for and making a sketchbook with slick paper that drawing paper for pencil probably needs some tooth to keep the media on the page. Probably prevents it from smearing as much too. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! :) You can always spray the slick paper with a fixative to save your drawings when you are done.

Speck said...

No fixative available locally, I'd have to order it on-line and wait a week. :( For the time being I'll just use hairspray. It's probably not the best thing, but it's better than a smeared drawing.

I love making these little sketchbooks. There's such a sense of accomplishment when a book appears from a pile of paper, glue and dental floss.

I never get around to using them though. LOL!

freebird said...

I've heard the hairspray works quite well. Wonder what it does to hair after a while!

Nice sketchbook. Nothing wrong with using green paper. I like "The Green Paper Chronicles". Fun, fun and that's what it should be.

Speck said...

Freebird - The green paper might influence me to start drawing zombies so the green tint would make sense in the drawing. LOL! Oh yeah, zombies. Just what I need to draw!