Monday, March 8, 2010

Taxes & Art Books


Got all our tax stuff together today to take to the CPA. Usually it stresses me out pretty badly but it wasn't too bad this year - nothing new or wonky to report - same as last year.

I felt embarrassed handing stuff in so late, but February disappeared for this this year. I went straight from January to March.

Stopped by the library to pick up the book Gay recommended on drawing: The Natural Way to Draw, by Kimon Nicolaides.

Next to it on the shelf was a sketching book by James Gurney. I had tried to check it out before but it was the fourth book in a three-book check-out limit. Sadly, it went back to the stacks that time. Now I know I should have put another one back. If I had I'd know a lot more about sketching and would have saved myself a lot of grief and frustration.

In the box:
FABULOUS! A must-have art book for the Urban Sketcher wannabe. Love James Gurney's blog because he teaches so much art theory on it, and I love this book for the same reason. Lots and lots of practical how-to on sketching in the wild. Lots of great illustrations in widely varying styles. wantwantwant

This was written in 1982 before either Gurney or Kinkade were famous. A photo of them out sketching has them looking like college seniors in jeans and with a lot more hair.

This book is only available used from Amazon. Can I find $50 in the budget to buy one *used* book? Hummm.....


raena said...

I've been drooling over that book for a while now! And my library, unfortunately, does not carry it, or I would be checking it out every other month or so! Wonderful sketches!

Speck said...

Interlibrary loan is the ticket. If my poorly, little bitty county library had it, some library close to you should have it. It would be worth the trouble!