Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pirate Redux


Drew a little kid dressed as a pirate in the new pencil sketchbook today. I was right, it does look weird to have a face on green paper. But oh, he came out so good! I'm most proud of the nose, it came out looking like a photo (in my opinion.) Woot! The whole face looks so realistic it's scary. I didn't think I could do such a thing. It took five hours or so to complete. That's just too long for me. I like guerilla sketching mo' better.

I don't have any fixative so I used White Rain hairspray. I may regret that in years to come but I would regret the smudgy drawing tomorrow.

Usually when I work in another sketchbook I scan the drawing, make a thumbnail copy and paste it in this journal to keep a chronological record of All Things Creative. This journal is getting too fat with all the paste-ups so I decided just to draw him again. With my brain immersed in the world of pencil drawing I've missed doing quick sketchy-sketches in pen then mucking around in the paintpan.

"Hey," I thought, "I can fix that."

He came out looking kinda like a quirky Jack from a deck of cards. I ought to draw a big red "J" and a red diamond in the upper left-hand corner. That would be cool.

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freebird said...

That would be fun to see the J and a red diamond.