Thursday, April 8, 2010

You Can Draw! - Class #5

Tonight we had the option of drawing three things: a garden deer statue, a bugle, or the Indian doll. I opted for the doll even though she was more complicated. There was more opportunity for fudge factor with her. If I gimped up the bugle or the fawn it would have been obvious. I think about those kind of things when I pick what to draw. Cheatercheatercheater.

There were lots of geegaws on her dress I couldn't make out. Just rubbed the pencil across those parts and called it done.

The teacher said that he was please with the progress of the class. We all took lots of time tonight and spent the whole two hours drawing just one thing. The drawings of the other four are vastly improved over the first night. I think they're beginning to "see" what they're drawing and can get it down on paper.

I don't know if my drawing has improved but my patience has. If I spend more than about 15 minutes drawing one thing I get antsy and have to move on. I finally got in the groove last night and found the zen place of drawing. It felt good.

It stands to reason if I take time with a drawing it will be better than a quick sketchy-sketch. However, I do have the tendency to overwork and not edit. I can see myself spending hours on something and putting in every single nit-picky detail. That's not always a good thing. Still trying to hone the editing factor.

Teacher said I should take this home and frame it. That was a very nice compliment but, Don't really want her hanging on my wall but will be pleased to have her live in my portfolio.

Next week we start a new class, "Sketching Historic Downtown." It will be good to get out of the classroom and sketch in the wild.

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Alissa said...

Lovely sketch and thanks for sharing about the class. It sounds really interesting and the teachers feedback is great. I am looking forward to the challenge that you are given for next weeks class