Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open Studio Tuesday

Went to Open Studio today to show my progress and process to Miz Gay and ask for a few tips on gouache and acrylic. Whilst waiting for her to work around the room I drew the other folks.

I inadvertently picked up the wrong pencil so my sketches came out light. Didn't realize my mistake until time was almost up. Phooey.

Frank - Was just warming up with Frank. Hadn't drawn anything since Saturday and boy, could I tell. I shouldn't do that again. Need to draw every day.

Sylvia #1 - I missed her the last two times I went to Open Studio, so I wanted to be sure to capture her this time. She is *so* cute. She has round, thick-rimmed funky glasses and the cutest little chic haircut. I put 30 pounds on her in this first sketch and made her look like a tubby grandma. Sorry Sylvia.

Sylvia #2 - Consensus of the room was I caught her perfectly here. This is my fav of the day.

Tippy - Was concentrating on his nose and lips. Might have gotten his chin a little prominent, but otherwise he's recognizable. I think this might be the first sketch of a face where I've gotten all the parts in the right place and the right size. Microscopic improvement. Yay!

Sylvia #3 - She was leaning dreamily on her hand, about to doze off in the warmth and hum of the room. I thought the way her glasses and eyebrow looked at this angle were really cool. Oy, the mouth could use some simplification but otherwise I like it. I finally got the right pencil in my hand for this sketch. What a difference!

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