Friday, April 23, 2010

Crochet? Me?


I've been watching the TV show "Knit and Crochet Today" on PBS's CreateTV (my new favorite channel.) It comes on right before one of the painting shows I like to watch. The more I watch the show the more I think I'd like to try crocheting again.

My grandmother tried to teach me now to crochet when I was young, but I always ended up making what looked like ping-pong ball covers. Obviously I was doing something wrong.

My sister-in-law knits instead of crochets but I knew she had inherited some crochet hooks from her momma. I asked her if I could borrow a hook and a bit of yarn to play with.

She sent me a backpack full of furry, heathery yarns (so soft!), a circular knitting needle, a crochet hook, and what looks like the start of a knitting project.

I'm not sure what I'll be able to do. I only vaguely remember what my Mammaw taught me but it's slowly coming back after watching the TV show.

Maybe I can manage a 6" square potholder or something.

We shall see.


Karen Blados said...

I am amazed at your yarn! I've tried before and it ends up looking really weird. REALLY weird!

raena said...

Whether you are able to pick it up again or not, it made a great subject! And I agree with Karen, you did great getting the yarn texture!

Speck said...

Thanks Karen and Raena! This was one of those wonderful drawings that just drew itself. I was just the sap with the pen hanging on for the ride. (big sigh) I wish they would all do that!