Saturday, April 17, 2010

Books, Kids and Librarians

Got the book The Duggars: 20 and Counting! in the mail today from Uncle Buck. Had to sit down and read it right then from cover to cover. Velly interlusting. Something about that whole family seems cultish and it squicks me out a little. Buck knows this. That's probably why he sent it to me, he's just that kinda guy.

Karen Blados blogged about her first-grade son being excited about checking out a "chapter book" from the yellow section of the library. First-graders aren't allowed books from the yellow section. That triggered an ancient old memory and I had to rant. Spent the rest of the day writing and spewing in a long, rambling blog post, "Traumas at the Library Check-Out Desk."

Still haven't found my muse yet. Still drawing other people's photos dang it. The illustration today is from a photo by Mary R. Vogt, or "taliesin" on

Showed it to Hubby and he asked, "Why does she have a Band-Aid on her thumb?" Grrrrr. That's a shadow. Then he said, "Looks like that finger would be good for booger pickin'." Sigh. I can tell when he has spent the day with his golfing buddies. He becomes 12 years old again. (eyeroll)


raena said...

Interesting post!! And I read your story about the librarian...never heard of such things! No one ever told me what I could read or not read!

Lovely sketch even if it isn't from your own photo. I do it all the time!

And I loved your cat a couple of posts back. I was busy and didn't get to comment, but I loved the Van Gogh style!

Buck said...

Free Ginger!