Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look Ma! No Cavities!


Most dental hygienists I've ever been to were rather timid when working in my mouth. But not Grace Ann. She looks sweet, sounds sweet and smells sweet, but that's where the sweetness ends.

She got me in a headlock and pulled out about six inches of my bottom lip to get to my teeth.

Heyheyhey! Waitwaitwait! That thing's attached!

She had a death grip on it and wasn't letting go.

My immediate thought was "That's the very same maneuver they use on horses to get them to stand still while they're being groomed."

I'll be still Grace Ann, I promise! You can let go now!

My second thought was to wonder if she has a pair of six-inch stiletto thigh boots at home in her closet laying right next to her whip collection. I'm calling her Mistress Grace Ann next time I get my teeth cleaned. Dang!

(Above the plane)
Model of the Wright Brothers plane at Kitty Hawk
(on top of the file cabinet in the front office)

I drew part of the plane before my appointment and finished it as they were locking up the office for the night. Painted it at home.

Process notes:
It was tough trying to figure out the perspective on this. How exactly would a six-inch pulled lip look from overhead? Made my brain hurt to think that hard.


Karen Blados said...

okay, who's your dentist, because we're looking for a new one and i don't want to go there.

and i think that illustration looks perfect ... and scary.

Speck said...

She didn't do any permanent damage either to my lip or ego. It was just a bit startling to have an arm wrapped around my head. Whoa! That's never happened before! My lip, thankfully, went back into place so I didn't drool on myself the rest of the day.

Grace Ann actually did a very nice job of cleaning my teeth. I can hear the wind whistling through my back molars now. And brownie points to her because she didn't mangle my gums and make them bleed. That was a first too.