Friday, April 30, 2010

Shiny Things...


Shiny Things...

...that I wantwantwant
but don't needneedneed.

Not sure this yarn keeper thingy is practical, but I really liked the colors and design of the top fabric.

This knitting needle case caught my eye simply because it was black and white polka-dotted with hot pink trim. Another instance where I could have used the paint color "Opera."

I want a big ol' floppy mop brush that will hold lots of paint. Don't need one because I don't paint on a large scale. Still wantwantwant.

Paint. What can I say? One can never have too much paint. I want a tube of every color made. Lately I've been lusting after some Daniel Smith Quin Magenta.

I keep trying to convince myself those needle cases would be good for art pen storage.

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Karen Blados said...

Oh good, I'm not the only one! phew!