Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday, Part Two - Eli & Isaiah

Hubby was through raking and I was drawing his arms when the neighbor boys, Eli, age 5, and his brother Isaiah, age 8, came over to see what we were up to. Eli is a firecracker, Isaiah is the quiet one. Both boys are sweeties and have a maturity several years beyond their actual ages.

Eli wanted to know what I was drawing so I showed him. That led to Hubby and Eli comparing muscles to see who was the manlier man:

Then Eli asked, "Can I draw?"

Ooohhh, I've had this opportunity once before to nurture a kid's artistic curiosity and I missed it. I remembered not to miss it this time.

"Sure!" I said, handing Eli the big Black n' Red sketchbook and the pencil.

"I want to draw next!" said Isaiah. Instead of making him wait, I fetched an identical Black n' Red and drawing pencil for him. I knew those extra Black n' Reds would come in handy at some point.

The boys sat down and went immediately to work, Eli on the top step and Isaiah just behind him in the rocker. They were sooooo cute. Their little baseball capped heads were bowed intently over their work; the huge ledger books were balanced in their laps, and the drawing pencils looked like logs in their tiny hands.

It was amazing how a blank piece of paper and a pencil could enthrall two active little boys into complete silence. It was a magic moment.

I was afraid to breathe for fear it would disturb the magic. There are times in life to take photos, times to sketch, and times where it's best just to be still and experience life's little moments. This was one of those times.

I looked at Hubby and he looked at me and we both grinned. This whole scene was Life Perfected. I'll remember it for a long time and so will Hubby.

So what did they draw? - Cheezburger the Porch Cat. They love Cheezy and Cheezy loves them.

Eli's drawing:

Hubby told them that all artists sign and date their artwork. Eli (Elijah) couldn't quite figure out which way the J went so he had to work on his name for a bit. He couldn't figure out how to make a number 4 for the date so he left that part out.

Isaiah's drawing:
You'll notice he got the pads on the bottom of all four of Cheezy's feet. Good eye for details kid.

Isaiah also drew Sonic. He said this was a video game character. I thought Sonic was a hedgehog, or he was back in the 90's, but then I'm an old fart.

Yes! We have two new little artists in Neighborhood Speck!


Alissa said...

a wonderful moment for everyone - children can immerse themselves in art and get so much out of it - if only they are given the chance.
You can tell Eli and Isiah that someone on the otherside of the world (Australia) saw their drawings and thought that they were very good!

Buck said...

That's just how I pictured Cheesburger's tail to be.

john.p said...

Heartwarming story! Ya dun good.