Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blicked Again

A box from Dick Blick arrived on the doorstep today. Yay! It's official, I now have more art supplies than a hobbyist doodler is allowed.

Hubby is muttering "hoarder" under his breath from across the room.

Booty for today:

-Set of Reeves Gouache, 24 x 12ml tubes (the guy on the racing bicycle is on the front of the box.)

-Set of Staedtler Calligraph Duo calligraphy markers in black, blue, red, green and purple. They have waterproof ink so I can watercolor over them.

-A masquepen for laying down tiny lines of masking fluid for watercolor work. I tried dipping toothpicks and sewing needles in my jar of masking fluid then painting with them. That just didn't work. Sometimes ya gotta break down and buy the right tool.

-Winsor & Newton watercolors, 14ml tubes, Titanium White and Permanent Alizarin Crimson. I simply needed those.

-A brown Pigma Brush pen and a brown Pigma Micron 05 for the gridded journal. I already had a Pigma Micron 005 in brown. I love the color of these pens against the creamy pages and brown grids.

-Gray Blending Stumps, 12 assorted, for working with different drawing pencils. I found I needed more than one because when I switched pencils the stump still had residue from the last pencil and it cross-contaminated my drawing. Ugh.

I feel like a kid at Christmas. I have so many new toys I don't know which one to play with first!

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Karen Blados said...

Oh boy, you're going to have fun! I want to know how some of it works for you. I've looked at the masquepens and then the price and stuck with a cheap paintbrush instead. Let me know if you think it's worth the money. And the calligraph duo ... always on the lookout for pens I can paint over.