Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Words feed my brain and nourish my soul. I love a good quote - a well-crafted phrase that makes me laugh, makes me think, or gives me inspiration or fortitude. My quote collection was scattered...newspaper clippings, margin notes, post-its, comics, email bits, blog comments...they were everywhere.

Decided to gather them up and write them all in a little 4 x 6 journal I can keep adding to as time goes on. Ought to be a pretty interesting collection by the time it's filled.

It's pretty interesting what I think is worthwhile to save. Some bits come and go, having outlived their usefulness or relevancy. Others seem to endure the test of time and have floated around in my files for years. Found some dated 1986.

(If you want to read the quotes, click on the image to embiggen it.)

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raena said...

One day I got fed up with all the teensy pieces of paper I had everywhere, with little quotes on them. I was drowning in a sea of scrap papers. So, I trashed them all. Wish I had thought of doing this! Great spread!