Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Roof


Men in large trucks showed up early this morning to install our new roof. They have been banging away non-stop for six hours now and I'm about to lose my mind.

The poor cats are having fits too.

Thankfully they finished up less than 30 minutes after this was drawn.

Showed it to my roofer dude and he said it was sweet. Not Cartman wicked sweeeeeet, but sweet as in charming, I'm-so-touched-you-thought-us-a-worthy-subject-to-draw sweet. He even asked for a copy. I was rather taken aback by that but I zipped him off a color copy.

As he was walking out looking at it he said, "I'm gonna take this home and put it in my photo album."

(big smile)

And he did a really beautiful job on my roof too.

Ugh. Got the wrong year on there. Should be Jan. 05, 2010.


raena said...

At least that is overwith! We had our roof redone this summer. Our house is a tudor with very steep pitch. It took them five days to complete it! And our cat was a nervous wreck! I think it's a terrific sketch!

Speck said...

Thank you Raena!

I picked this roofer because he had a big crew and finished First Neighbor's house in just a few hours, then cleaned up spotlessly. The roofer who did Second Neighbor's house took three days and left a mess. Three days is just ridiculous for these little 1950s crackerboxes.