Monday, January 18, 2010

Car Repair and Purple Hair

Worked with Hubby today to fix the ceiling handle in my car. It's been broken and dangling over the front passenger's head for months. Hubby went to the wrecking yard to search for a replacement but they didn't have any.

We decided to create blanks to just cover up the holes in the headliner. We started with a piece of old oak threshold cut two inches long. We grinded and sanded all the contours off until we ended up with this:

That got spray painted flat black and a hex nut was glued to the back as a spaced to account for the thickness of the car's headliner. Bought some super strong button magnets to attach the blank to the metal showing in the hole.

Worked like a charm and they look like original equipment. We were out only $3.00 for the button magnets.

Stopped by Walgreems to pick up some razor blades and found these really cool Staedtler Metallic Gel Pens. They are a dream to write with. The ink is juicy yet fast-drying, acid-free, permanent and waterproof.

Also got some Crayola paintbrush pens. Tried them out and drew this doodle.
Showed it to Hubby. He said, "Looks just like you except for the blond hair."

I said, "Her hair is purple."

It's amazing how people see things.

Up the side: Yes, my hair was up in a ponytail like this but I hope it isn't purple or that I look this haggard.

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