Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brush Pen Doodles

Brush pen doodles done while watching TV.

First it was the Dallas Cowboys vs. Monster Truckfest, then Tommy Lee Jones vs. The Volcano That Ate Los Angeles. Hubby had the remote, could you tell???

He was flipping back and forth between shows at a seizure inducing rate.

Tommy Lee Jones always make me think of giant fried eggs.

Process notes:
Used a waterbrush to paint these. I'm too cheap to buy an actual waterbrush, so I modified an Elmer's Paint Pen. Worked like a charm...a really cheap charm!


raena said...

Great job on these! Does the water flow well enough in your modified brushes? I'm just wondering, because I bought some cheapo waterbrushes (I think about five bucks for three) and it seems they run on the dry side. I have a difficult time getting washes. I tend to not even use them!

Speck said...

Hummm....Since I don't know how a "good" waterbrush performs, I don't know if I can answer that properly. I had to keep pressure on the brush to keep the water flowing, but I think that would be the way with any waterbrush.

I didn't have any problem with dryness that I remember, nor did I have any problem doing washes. Of course I was just working in a 6" x 6" square so I didn't have far to go.

By the time I finished painting all three of these my thumb had a cramp from the constant squeezing. I painted the egg first, then the flower one, and I had to refill the brush before starting on the Pepsi can. That may not be normal usage for a WB but I cleaned the bristles out *completely* between colors and that used up a lot of water.

Specifically these were Elmer's Paintastics Brush Pens. A set of five on a card at Dick Blick is $5.39. I think I paid about $3.95 for them at Wal-Mart a year ago.

Cheap is my middle name.