Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pigma Brush Pen - Lion Statue


Taking the new Pigma Brush Pen and Niji Waterbrush (medium, 12 mm tip) out for a test drive today.

I like the Pigma brush pen much better than the PITT brush pens. It has a more flexible tip so it didn't feel like I was drawing with a Sharpie. The flexibility make it easier to achieve varying line widths and the pen itself felt good in my hand. This may become my go-to pen for daily drawing.

The Niji waterbrush took a little getting used to. It flowed out a lot of water without squeezing at all. I had to do a bit of dabbing so it wouldn't soak through the paper. This journal paper only takes light washes, not swimming pools of liquid. On the other hand, it made doing the wash a dream. I've always struggled with the paper drying out using a regular brush and cup o' water.

I think I like it enough to use it for daily drawing and painting in my journal. Won't have to worry about the cat drinking the brush water anymore or having to change it before it becomes a science experiment.


raena said...

Wonderful! This is fabulous! I love what you're doing with the new supplies! And this guy's face, so well painted!!

raena said...

Forgot to mention, the waterbrush I have has to be squeezed while painting to get enough water. Not good, my hand shakes and it gets very awkward! I guess, in this case, brand does matter!

Speck said...

I thought about you when I was using the waterbrush. Thought, "Whew! Raena needs one of these! Nice and juicy" LOL!