Friday, January 29, 2010

EDM #11 - Draw Your Glasses


Nana called wanting an obit from the hometown newspaper. I spread the paper out on the living room floor to search. When I found the one she needed, I took off my glasses to read it to her. "That's the one, send it to me please." Tossed the page on the couch, got up and wandered off continuing to chat.

Realized sometime later my glasses weren't on my head. Wandered around the house, still chatting, looking in all the usual locations. Back to the living room to look among the papers on the floor and didn't see them there.

Thought maybe I had laid them on the couch and covered them up with the obit page. (Of course I wouldn't have laid them on the floor on the dark, highly patterned rug, that's not a good place.) Leaned over the and heard the ccccrrrruuunnnccchhhhh...under my foot. Found my glasses. They took a direct hit from my size 9 clodhoppers.
The lenses weren't damaged, just the little fishing line thingies that hold them in place. Those can be easily replaced. The frames are a little whomperjawed, but they too should be easily repaired. I really needed new glasses anyway. Off to the optical shop on Monday for an eye exam.

Wearing my old 1993 specs now. Luckily the prescription is the same as the current ones.


raena said...

Great sketch, though I'm sorry about your glasses! I have some new-ish glasses that cost a fortune. They are "scratch resistant". I was taking off a sweatshirt and accidentally hit the wall with them--barely, just a tap really--and came away with a horrendous scratch!

Speck said...

The ones I broke were so scratched I could barely see out of them anyway. I decided not to bother repairing them. The old ones I'm now wearing were replaced due to scratches, but they have fewer scratches than the broken ones. Both were supposed to be "scratch resistant." I don't *think* so. Maybe I'm just hard on specs.

john.p said...

"whomperjawed"...I like that, and the story. Maybe we're not scratch resistant today, but I remember the old glass lens days with wire frames. They weren't very comfortable compared to today's light weight.

Speck said...

John - I've been blind as a bat since I was in third grade and need Coke-bottle-bottom lenses. Back in the day it felt like I had a pound of glass sliding down my nose. I send great blessings to the person who invented ultra thin lenses. Whew! What a relief!