Thursday, January 7, 2010

61-62 City Champs


This is Daddy's bowling trophy; his only bowling trophy. We found it during the final clean out of the house. I was rather surprised there was a bowling trophy at all because the bowling alley in town closed when I was a wee tot. I only remember Daddy playing golf.

He took me bowling once or twice when I was a teenager, (special trip, neighboring town) but that's about it. I do remember his bowling ball though. It lived in the back of his closet for all eternity. I wasn't allowed to play with it because it was dangerous...a big, black 18-pounder with fingertip holes and his name carved in it.

That's about it for my memories of Daddy bowling. Trophy is now going to live with my niece R'bie. Another piece of history preserved; another thing out of my house.

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