Friday, January 29, 2010

Purple Iris

Dug out a seldom used sketchbook and found an abandoned sketch of purple iris I had started using colored pencils. There were vague pencil outlines of petals and leaves and such, but only one petal had been colored.

I remember starting it but giving up on it early on because it was going to be too detailed for my patience quota. My intent was to do a piece of "fine art" and fine art just ain't my style it seems. Anyway, I thought I would play with it a little for practice with my new brush pen and waterbrush.

I inked the lines and started slopping paint without much thought. I had no idea what the shapes were supposed to be. It was drawn from a photo of the iris in my garden last year but the photo has long been deleted. So, I just happily flung paint and let it be whatever it wanted to be.

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