Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weary Man Doodle

Finally worked up my courage to order a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Dick Blick has the dreaded "Out of Stock" on them. Not even an "available on" date. Phooey.

However I realized I had a cheapo version that I hadn't even broken the seal on yet. I bought two sets of Elmer's Paintastics Brush Pens about a year ago to repurpose as clear waterbrushes. I converted one which I used last night to paint doodles; I used seven others with the paints that came in them just to try them out; and I had saved back the purple and black ones to use as waterbrushes in the future.

I snapped open the black one and started doodling on a scrap of copy paper. Smeared some water across the lines to see how waterproof the paint was once it dried. Not at all. The paints are kid-friendly with easy water clean-up. What was I thinking??? Anyway it gave a cool shading effect.

I'm getting to the point I enjoy doodling with brush pens more than drawing real things from real life. Uh oh. I need to get out of this house. Cabin fever is rotting my brain.

Cleaned out my office supplies and art pen collection today. Ended up with a fistful of art pens that were dead or dying. Some I hadn't even used. Dang! Others that were still good but unused are going to work with Hubby tomorrow. There's no use in letting them dry up in the drawer.

Unused art and office supplies make the Baby Jesus cry.

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raena said...

I got mine from JetPens. They are very reliable and usually cheaper than DickBlick! I know you'll like that! ;)

It has a nice dark, waterproof line! Twelve bucks at jetpens.