Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Tommy Kane Original! Squeee!!!!

It was Christmas at my house yesterday. A Tommy Kane original and print arrived on my doorstep. Squeee!!!!

Bedford Avenue on the left is an original. East Chinatown on the right is a limited edition print (4/50). The links will take you to Tommy's blog so you can see them up close and personal and read the stories behind them. I think it's too cool that all of Tommy's drawings have stories. I'm all about stories.

My hands were shaking as I unwrapped the package. I could barely breath as I pulled out the artwork.

Here in my little hands was an *original* work of The Master. His hands have actually touched this page. His brain was seeing and creating and deciding where to put these actual lines. The voices declaring "shine" were echoing faintly off the paper. It smelled a little of Brooklyn.

A Tommy Kane original! And it was mine, all mine! Forever! It was like discovering King Tut's tomb - treasure beyond all imagination!

I became all verklempt and had to retire to my fainting couch.

I'll try to get them framed next week when my head clears.


Someday TK might stumble upon this post and think, "Oh. My. God. What a *GEEK!*" But that's OK, I'm a very happy geek now.


Laure Ferlita said...

And what a super fabulous Christmas it is! There's nothing quite like getting a piece of work from a long admired "master" is there?!


Speck said...

LOL! Yes, that description might have been a little over the top, but I was thrilled. I've admired TK's artwork since I found him two years ago. Something about his stuff resonates with me like nobody else's. I thought it was high time I drooled over the genuine article instead of a digital reproduction.

Anonymous said...

Delighted they arrived! Can hardly wait to see them and to celebrate with you. dee