Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fish Heads

My computer nest/creative space/office reeks of rotting fish heads. I've turned the whole room into a kitty sick ward and have been feeding them next to their respective cat nests. That's the only way I could monitor just how much and of what exactly is going down each ailing cat.

I've tried the rillyrilly stinky stuff for sick cats, the regular stuff of the same brand, the exceptionally cheap (29 cents per can) exceptionally stinky food, and have even tried pureed chicken and turkey baby food in a jar.

One cat is eating but is finicky, the other cat is still bad. But I'm about to be overcome by this horrendous dead fish head smell.


Serena said...

Sorry that you are dealing with sick kitties at the moment. It must be quite worrying for you although I don't know if I would cope too well with the rotting fish smell either. Hopefully, they will show some improvement soon. Btw, nice sketch!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in the fish head...you caught the iridescent look of fish scales....I like it. Enjoyed the day....Miz Dee

freebird said...

The smell might be horrendous and I hope the ailing kitties get better soon but at least you've used the occasion to draw a neat fish head!

Speck said...

Thanks y'all! I had fun with this one!