Monday, July 5, 2010

I Don't Feel Good Mommy

Chelsea, age 17, hasn't been acting normal lately. She's been having diarrhea and didn't eat anything for two days. That's not good at her age. Bought some really stinky food for sick cats and she ate a little bit of that.

She just looks like she doesn't feel good. She lays "too flat" for lack of a better way to describe it. This morning she started sneezing non-stop. Sacked her up and took her to the vet.

He ran tests and poked and prodded. Said all her blood work was absolutely perfect and he couldn't find a thing wrong with her. He gave her a shot of antibiotics in case she had some kind of upper respiratory infection. Said to take her home and try to get some weight back on her. She had lost over a pound since March. Not good.

Bought more cans of the incredibly stinky food for both my elder citizen kittehs.

Chelsea: 17 people years x 7 = 119 kitteh years
Smudge: 15 people years x 7 = 105 kitteh years


Hubby: "There's something on the back of your leg...oh, it fell off."

Me: "I hate it when bits of my leg start falling off."

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