Sunday, July 18, 2010



Yesterday Hubby and I drove down to Lake D'Arbonne State Park in Louisiana where Mr. Hotdog and Cindy Lou were camping. It started pouring rain as we crossed the state line and was still pouring when we arrived.

Instead of staring at each other in their tiny camper we decided to drive around and tour the state park. After getting lost looking for the spillway we decided to go shopping in Monroe. (Yes I realize that isn't a logical cause and effect but I understand what it means.)

I had admired Cindy Lou's new purse she had bought there last week on sale and decided to get one too. It was large enough to drop my journal in without being too huge. My old purse was too tiny for that. Now I can have a 5" x 8" sketchbook with me at all times instead of the tiny 3" x 4". I'll still carry it too in the front pocket.

Had to go by the big box craft store to see if they had the new Strathmore Visual Journals. Alas, no. Only the store in Dallas got them. But I couldn't leave an art supply store empty-handed now, could I? I had to buy *something.*

I've been daydreaming about painting with oils lately, but I needed supplies. I picked up a palette knife and some odorless paint thinner. Couldn't find either one locally.

These two items represent dreams more than reality since I don't even own any oil paints or a canvas on which to paint. But sometimes it's good to have things that represent your dreams so you don't forget and lose your way.


Anonymous said...

i would think a pallet knife would be perfect for you. The one stroke effect that you would like to create would be easily achieved with the knife. If I can find the time, and stand the heat, I'll see if I have anything I can share from my ancient supply of oil things. dee

freebird said...

Um yes, I could call all my supplies just getting ready for when my dreams can become reality. Sounds like a good excuse to buy something to me, lol. Actually, I know what it's like to not find stuff locally. All I have is Walmart. That's it. Over 60 miles to the nearest shopping area with a craft store and that is brand new.