Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Art Show

Miz Dee and I went to an art show this afternoon. It was an annual juried art competition with artists from across the nation. There were close to 400 entries and about 38 made the cut to exhibition.,, golly. I don't know what I was expecting but this wasn't it.

Wait a minute, yes I do. I was expecting to have my socks blown off by at least one of the pieces. Socks stayed firmly in place. I was underwhelmed.

Maybe I'm just a little country hick with no art appreciation edjumakashun, but I just didn't "get it." I didn't get how some of the pieces made the cut. One in particular looked like the guy realized the submission deadline was the next day and just threw something together at the last minute. (shakes head in befuddlement) Nope, I just didn't get it.

After viewing everything, Dee and I sat on a bench in a stunned silence. She finally asked, "So what did you think?" I said, "I think you and I should break out our paintbrushes before this time next year."

We sat there a while longer and I dug out my little 3"x4" emergency sketchbook I keep in my purse. (Very handy for those emergent sketching situations.)

This was one of the pieces I didn't get.

It was made with lots of little wood slivers and some in the middle were broken away. There was a similar piece next to it. A third in the series sold before the show opened.

This was my favorite:
It made me smile.


freebird said...

YOUR sketches look pretty neat. I was told to go to the art show in our local park. I went. It took me all of five minutes to know it wasn't an art show at all. I'm sorry but a strip of crocheting in varied yarns to tie around your dog's neck is not art. There really wasn't anything there. I felt like I was at a swapmeet. So what gives at these "art" shows? As you and your friend noticed, you can do as well or better. So who chose these pieces and why? I think you ought to put on an alternative show next year!

Speck said...

I'm already thinking about doing something larger and frame-worthy. I usually just sketch in the sketchbook. Maybe next year someone will be shaking their head in befuddlement looking at my crappy artwork! LOL!