Thursday, July 15, 2010

Die Cat Die!


Cheezburger the Porch Cat has a new tormentor. This is one pissed off little mockingbird. He starts dive bombing the poor cat anytime Cheezy pokes out even a whisker in his view.

The bird sits on the shepherd's crook a few feet from the porch and screams at Cheezy. The fact that there are humans on the porch doesn't deter the bird at all. He is out for Cheezy's blood.


john.p said...

We have some of these mockingbirds, too. One of them dodged at me when I got too close to their nest. I like to listen to their spastic calling. You've captured the intent facial expression well. Hope Cheeseburger survives.

raena said...

LOL. We used to have one in our backyard that used to dive bomb one of our dogs right on the butt. She would get so upset! Imagine a 75 lb dog being bested by a little bird!