Sunday, July 11, 2010

Remote Controlled Air Show

Mr. Hotdog, Cindy Lou, Hubby and I all went to a remote controlled airplane airshow this afternoon. Met a bunch of really nice folks who were crazy about flying.

Saw a cool little plane with a KISS (the rock-n-roll group) theme that sounded like "a pissed off mosquito" as one guy said. Also saw a spectacular crash and the sorrowful remains of same.

The guy that crashed his plane then brought out his little jet plane. It would fly as fast as 150 MPH (I think that's what he said) or as slow as 5 MPH. You would be able to walk past it as it was flying.

The Rascal
Top speed: 60 MPH
Wingspan: 53"
Engine: Magnum .52 cu. in.

This the the Rascal in her starting stand. The bright blue things are swimming pool noodles used for cushioning so the plane doesn't get scuffed up.

The Rascal is a 1/7 scale model of an actual plane. The fuselage has a transparent red vinyl section to show off the interior structure.

The owner of the Rascal was obviously an Arkansas Razorbacks fan. He had a Razorbacks license plate on the front of his starting stand.

I think this visit got Mr. Hotdog fired up to get his RC planes out of storage and take up the hobby again.

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