Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Diary


I've been bitten by the journaling bug. I blame it on Clairefontaine paper and Exacompta journal refills. While looking for sketchbooks with CF paper I found the sister company Exacompta. They carry a line of gridded journal refills in nice leather covers.

I've always had a lust for gridded paper - so many possibilities!

I was just about to click the "buy" button when I realized I already have a journal full of slick, creamy, gridded paper with a nice leather cover. I pulled it off the shelf and started writing and writing and writing.

Apparently I have a lot more to say than what I have space for in this illustrated journal. I don't like to write in it because the paper is too rough. Plus, Hubby snatches it out of my hand to show to complete strangers. Eeek! Don't want strangers to read my deepest, darkest secrets!

I've tried keeping a journal many times in my life, but writing on lined paper is too much like writing on school notebook paper. Suddenly it feels like I'm taking notes in 9th grade Civics and I'm quickly bored with the whole thing. Gridded paper doesn't seem to cause that reaction. Humm....

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